Arkanez Prison for Supernatural Criminals

My name is Amanda Dantes and I will have my revenge.

These are the facts according to my list:

1. Someone betrayed me. I need to find out who wanted me incarcerated and why.

2. I don’t have sufficient magic to have committed the infernal crimes I’m accused of.

3. I may lie from time to time but I’m not a killer. 

4. I don’t belong here in Arkanez Prison, also known as the “Ark”, where the most dangerous supernaturals are sent to be restrained behind bars.

5. I will discover who set me up and I’ll destroy them.

6. I need to escape to do that. Something no inmate has ever done in the history of the Ark.

7. But first, I need to survive. Someone is murdering inmates. Surprisingly, the general population seem to be shocked by the murders. I don’t know why. Dangerous witches, shifters, vampires, fae, trolls, and other supernaturals populate this remote island. It’s a prison full of inmates that have committed heinous crimes. 

8. I believe the corrupt guard is behind the murders but I’ll have to prove it.

9. The Red Fang gang will not be happy with me when I accuse their main supplier of contraband.

10. Will I still be alive by the time the lights go out?

Dangerous Witch is the first book in the Arkanez Prison series by Fatima Bader. The series takes place in a paranormal prison with supernatural criminals and a badass heroine determined to survive deadly rivalries and uncover who set her up. Dangerous Witch is a twisty paranormal prison thriller.

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