April 16, 2021

What Should I Name My Supernatural Agency?

I’m in the process of rewriting one of my books and I decided I wanted to move away from the original name I had chosen for the supernatural agency my characters avoided.

When I first published my book in 2017, I had named the agency the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation, more commonly known as the SBI.

It worked because people associated with the FBI. It was easy to remember. It also means it was easy to replicate.

Since I’ve unpublished the books, a few more authors have arrived on the scene and I know one has SIB, Supernatural Investigation Bureau. Others use variations of Paranormal Agency and the like.

I want something different. An acronym that stands out and is specific to my books.

I’ve played around with S7-R ( get it, سحر?) but a few friends have told me it’s a little clunky. One of them suggested 7-SR. It’s not working for me so far. The reason I wanted S7-R was for the specific order, so 7-SR doesn’t quite work the same way.

Right now I’m trying to see if Arabic names would work, like SAMI, SAMA, SHAMA, SHAIMA, or another variation.

I love incorporating my culture into my writing so I really like the idea. I’m just wondering if all the Samis, Samas, Shamas, Shaimas I know while think I named my agency after them. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s see what my friends think…